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About Us

As Japanese food becomes more popular and Americanized in North America, Sushi Avenue provides the service with faithful transition that fits the taste of Americans, but does not forget the basis of its Japanese origin.


Since opening in 2008, we have run this restaurant with few important things in mind; fresh sushi and food with quality, a reasonable price, and a friendly staff to help you with all of your sushi-related needs.


These simple, yet important concepts came from the owner’s many years of experience in the sushi making industry. Starting off as a small restaurant in the Wilsonville area, Sushi Avenue will provide you with healthy and delicious sushi for a price you will love. Now you don’t need to drive through the heavy traffic on the interstate to Portland or other city just for a taste of Sushi! Instead, you can enjoy our inexpensive and delicious bento boxes during lunch hour. 

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