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About Us

As Japanese food becomes more popular and Americanized in North America, Sushi Avenue provides the service with faithful transition that fits the taste of Americans, but does not forget the basis of its Japanese origin. Since opening in 2008, we have run this restaurant with few important things in mind; fresh sushi and food with quality, a reasonable price, and a friendly staff to help you with all of your sushi-related needs.


These simple, yet important concepts came from the owner’s many years of experience in the sushi making industry. Starting off as a small restaurant in the Wilsonville area, Sushi Avenue will provide you with healthy and delicious sushi for a price you will love. Now you don’t need to drive through the heavy traffic on the interstate to Portland or other city just for a taste of Sushi! Instead, you can enjoy our inexpensive and delicious bento boxes during lunch hour. Our Spicy Chicken bento is made just for those who love spicy foods and makes a great alternative for the Chicken Teriyaki, which is grilled fresh on the order, making it much softer and tender. It tends to be a popular among our customers.


We have a wide variety of sushies, such as Salmon, Hamachi, Tuna, and many others, so that you will be able to find your favorite roll! Rolls such as the Red Tie, Oregon, and Samurai may become a favorite, as it is with many of our customers. Recently, we have added new and creative rolls such as the, Kristen Town, Byrne’s Tower, Hanna White, and many others! However, if you may not particularly enjoy sushi, we have delicious alternatives, such as the bento boxes, and our miso based salad dressing that has a unique flavor that many people search for. Our customers come from a wide range of places, some of them being locals from Wilsonville, Portland, Tualatin, or even others that visit during business trips from all over the country.


Our phone number is (503) 682 0729 and email address is We hope to see you soon!

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